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Welcome to our world of bold but pleasing print-based design.
Inspired by travel, nature, social interactions, we have something unique to offer to the design community.


Give your brand a fresh look! We provide services like Logo designing, visual identity, business stationary curation, and a lot more - to give your brand the perfect personality.

Design & Illustration

Inspiration can be drawn from anywhere. My love for handmade has always inspired me to express my creativity on paper and slowly evolved to digital, over the years. Paper Rocket designs and illustrations are influenced by the beautiful places, People, Conversations & nature around me. The result being Traditional products combined with colorful, modern prints which add that little bit of Optimism & pleasant surprise to the viewer.

Ambika 2.jpeg

Personlised Gifting

Be the one who goes the extra mile to make your loved ones feel special or charm your guests - through personalized gifting!We provide various gifting solutions-portrait illustrations, birthday parties, client parties or maybe you have something specific in mind? Not a problem! We take the extra mile with you.

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